Sunday, April 22, 2007

Good day good day!

Today's been a kinda good day. My good friends Jennifer and Dato' Z came to have coffee with me. The latest way in Malaysia to call Dato's is by their initials. Siti Nurhaliza has her Dato' K and that other pretty lesser royal has her Dato' err.....he's so nobody that I can't even remember what his initials are! Well....coming back to what I was saying...I have my Dato' Z!

There's nothing like a friends visiting when you have been slogging for weeks. Ahhh.......'tis bliss to sit down for a cuppa to exchange some new 'BBC' news! *Wink*

Then, after a long and tiring day, I come home to write my blog, and there's some fler (Sorry Patrick, am borrowing this word from your vocabulary) named Jack, who wrote a comment on my last blog. This Jack wrote that feng shui is mumbo jumbo and that if people are so gullible, then a fool should part with his $$.....

Hey Jack! Have you noticed that the blog spot is called 'Feng Shui My Life!' It's a feng shui consultant's and retailer's dairy. You poor thing this day and age, when the whole world is trying to understand each other and make allowances for each other's culture, you are not even willing to open up your mind to begin to discover what millions of other people have for thousands of years...maybe you need some feng shui to broaden your spectrum and be a little bit more friendly!

Anyway, coming back to more feng shui sifu read this year's Eight Pillars Chart and said that there is a Noble Man Star in the charts. Therefore, we should display horses in the South corners of our home so he can enter via horseback. This will activate mentor luck for you.

I have horses in the South of my office, horses in the South of my shop, horses in the South of my living, dining and bedroom! This has resulted in a month of fantastic assistance from many people. First, there is my new partner, who has been so helpful with his time and guidance. Then, there is that customer who came in for just half an hour but who got on fabulously with me. She is organising an annual trip to Italy for a jewellery show and invited my husband and I for the trip! Pity I can't go but I have a new friend :)P

Anyone for horses?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

To tell or not to tell???? That is the question

Hey, sometimes I do a bit of evaluation of how I run my life and make my decisions.

Take for example - what would you do if you had a business selling water features and a customer comes along to buy one. He's been advised to plug one in into his bedroom to activate his wealth star. What would you do, if know that there should be no water in a bedroom as that would bring heap strong misfortune like loss of money, loss of good name and even loss of loved ones!

What if that particular day had been very quiet where sales are concerned?

Would you.....

A) Advise him that he should not do so, give him the reason why and lose a much-needed sale?

B) Keep quiet and sell the man what he came in to buy anyway...who cares if his so-called feng shui master is a charlatan? I would probably never see him again anyway. I didn't force him to buy it!

This is the second time it has happened within 6 months, different men.

And on both occasions I chose 'A'. Then I wonder if I am cut out for business at all. At this rate, I will never be as rich as the late Nina Wang of Hong Kong. Those men probably think that I am the one who knows nothing. The first one came back to buy other things and only time will tell if the second and most recent one will be back.

But at least I can sleep tonight, poorer by a few dollars but zzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

What's with men always thinking they know much more than a mere mortal woman?

Friday, April 13, 2007


Today was one of those usual working days when I have to talk a, I know most of my friends think I already talk too much, but isn't it pure bliss when you can use your god-given-gift-of-the-gab at work? So Moon....PPHFFFTT!

As a feng shui consultant and owner of a retail shop, I do a lot of explaining, teaching and advising of feng shui. In a feng shui shop, you must know your stuff because it is a little like going to the doctor's. A customer comes-in and tells you what problem he/she is suffering from and you make the recommendations and dispense the cure, what to do with it and where to place it or they just pick something up and ask you what it is for.

A customer text me from the Philippines today, to say thank you for assisting her husband to get hold of a couple of very-high-demand-long-waiting-list sacred mantra rings. She said 'Bless you and see you next month' You know...I don't want to sound corny...but a small gesture like that whole day worthwhile....

Or the teacher who called me excitedly to say he got his long-awaited promotion in just 4 days of activating his promotion luck! I just wish he'd realise that us non-teachers DO NOT WAKE UP AT 7.00AM!

Say what you want but my relationship and networking luck is working well - thanks to feng shui!