Monday, June 16, 2008

Feng Shui works!

Sometime this year, just before Chinese New Year, I did a consultation for a businessman who wanted both his office and home analysed and corrected. He also wanted them to be feng shui changed to Period 8 buildings (2004 - 2024) as they were built in Period 7 (1984 - 2004).

He was a model client who followed everything to the tee, resulting in a big boost in his businesses, including the business of his daughter who had her company located inside his company. Immediately the chi in his office flowed better and projects got underway much smoother and obstacles disappeared from their paths. They also had much more enquiries and business deals - so much so that he had to turn some offers down as there were just too many to handle.

I was really happy for them but did tell them to sell off their office building when the price was right; and to purchase a new one built in Period 8 as this existing office has a missing south corner which will deny the company recognition and fame luck.

Well...well...whaddaya know? They got a really good offer recently, and are in the process of relocating to new premises. Of course they have hired me to do another feng shui assessment of this new building too :)

But before all that selling and buying took place, their good feng shui luck saved them a huge sum of money! A new project had been confirmed for a certain large sum of money but their
client's lawyers kept making small boo boo mistakes in the agreement documents, thus, delaying the signing of the contract, one day after another for a total of 3 days - thereby, delaying the signing of the contract by both parties till...........the day of the massive petrol hike in Malaysia that sent thousands into late night queues at all petrol stations.

So. Another budget was renegotiated between my clients and their client - saving my clients a loss of hundreds of thousands of ringgit.

Nature of their business? Logistics.