Monday, July 30, 2007

High tech 21st century feng shui communication tools

A lovely lady came in today with a worried expression on her face. She is on holiday in Malaysia from Houston, Texas and she had been into my shop a couple of times before.

She was confused and upset because a family friend (Her parents live and work here) had 'read' her husband and her life charts and told her that everything they do will not succeed because they have a swimming pool at the back of their house in Houston. That's 'cos they are both born of the earth element and water is not suitable for them.

WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH! How can anyone come to that conclusion without even seeing her house and without even knowing the directions of the pool or her home? That's like a quack doctor diagnosing an illness without even doing tests!

Anyway, I managed to put her mind at ease and after speaking to her for about 2 hours, she decided to hire my services to carry out an off site analysis of her home via email and Skype. She left with instructions on how and where to take directions of her home plus a feng shui questionnaire to fill up.

So... if someone tells you something bad about your home or office, do seek a second or even a third opinion. I am not saying that her family friend is wrong. I would have to wait till I receive the plans and directions of her home. I really wish self-made feng shui 'experts' will research something more thoroughly before they go around scaring people! He or she should always offer a solution if they detect a problem. That way, the affected person will always have a cure or a remedy to the situation. Don't leave people hanging onto the cliff edge with their finger nails!

Be assured that most times, there are remedies and cures for most feng shui afflictions. It is not a case of - Ooohhh...your swimming pool is bad for's a spade. Go fill it up!