Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yes, I know it's been more than a year since I last posted

....and what a year it has been....everyone's been fighting for survival...both financially and from H1N1 (My sifu called it Heeny and I didn't get her till awhile later).

I have too many stories to relate as it has been that long - One collects quite a fair bit if one has not been posting LOL. There is one particular feng shui story I'd like to tell you today and it's a true story involving my hubby.

On Thursday, 30th July 2009, my husband was driving along Jalan Tok Sira, humming a tune as he cruised home to pick me up for work. Suddenly a black Kenari with a Probationary Sticker drove into his path from Lorong Tok Sira 77 without even stopping! The car was driven by a very young girl who had another young lady as passenger.

There was no time to brake and he crashed into them at their front passenger door. The impact threw the small car to the opposite side of the road to hit yet another car which was stopped at the junction of Lorong Tok Sira 7, waiting to turn out on to the main road. This time the Kenari hit the Pajero with its driver’s door, damaging the right front of the Pajero and strangely, bursting the left front tyre of the 4-wheel drive!

There was glass and pieces of metal strewn all over the junction and the front of my car looked like an accordion! You would expect major injuries from all involved wouldn’t you? But no, the girls had superficial cuts from the broken glass and there was neither a scratch nor a bruise on my husband. Not even a blue-black mark! Of course, no one was injured in the Pajero. That busy road also had no other cars at that moment in time.

Our car had a big fat Wu Luo and a Pi Yao hanging from the rear-view mirror. We also had a Namgyalma Mantra, 6 Peacock Feathers on the dashboard and a Dragon Amulet hanging from the indicator stick. All these protected the driver, my husband AS WELL as all other parties involved – to ensure that no one was seriously hurt! Of course my husband was also wearing our new Omani Padme Hum Prayer Wheel with 1.4 million mantras on microfilm, a Sacred Mantra Ring and the Mother Tara Pendant! Sometimes, accidents that are meant to be cannot be avoided completely but you can lessen the impact with feng shui!