Saturday, September 29, 2007

Yes, I am still alive!

Hi Guys!

Yes, I am still alive and kicking. I know I have not updated my blog for almost 2 months now...Omigosh! You mean it's been THAT long?

What have I been up to? Well.....*Drawing a deep breath..*

I have attended two advanced courses in feng shui...Been working 7 days and 7 nights because I can't seem to find any sales assistants (Can anyone? Almost every shop at the mall when I am, have a notice stuck up at their door looking for staff, I have done 7 diagnostic consultations zooming up and down the highway between cities, I have hunted down and found, and negotiated, and then worked hard to raise money into a new shop! YES! At last! WE ARE MOVING! We are moving into a better shop with enough space for an office where I can see clients in private, sneak-in forty winks, eat in private and work in private!

So. I thought I'd better put up a posting before everyone thinks I have fallen off the face of this earth just cos the ancient Chinese who worked out all the feng shui formulas, thought the earth was square (Flat actually, but the feng shui symbol for earth remains a square till today) BECAUSE.....after this week, I shall have to travel to Kuala Terengganu twice, Kuala Lumpur twice AND THEN....pack-up the whole shop all by ourselves (Hubby and I), cart all them boxes to the new shop's little office to be locked-up whilst we supervise the electricians, carpenters, carpet-ters (???)AND apply for all the necessary licenses, sign boards, electricity..*pant pant huff puff* I feel tired just thinking about it!

That is part of the reason why I have not written anything in a while. The other reason? That's because I have not been anywhere, not done anything, not heard anything nor said anything interesting for awhile now....'cept dear friends Bernard and Niko visiting from Normady, and all we did was eat, drink, laugh, make merry, wake-up, drag body to work, close shop, eat, drink, make merry, eat, drink, eat, drink.......

It's really tough you know...all that eating and drinking...but hey! SOMEONE HAS TO DO THE DIRTY JOB!!!