Saturday, April 26, 2008

Feng Shui isn't magic, it's also not house maintenance!'s post is about how many people do not understand what feng shui is about. It is an anceint Chinese science that teaches you how to apply living skills to better your health, wealth, happiness and harmony. It is also about how to subdue afflictions in your home and work enviroment.

It is not magic and it does not repair and maintain your house!

I am saying this because I get so many kooky customers who ask me strange questions like....

I bought a new car, can you give me a set of numbers to register the car with that will come out in gaming sessions and bring me lots of wealth? Or the latest....this lady walks in to ask if we have anything in the shop that will stop the leaks in her roof tiles or her pipes(?????) She said, no matter how many times she gets someone to repair the leaks, somewhere else will leak.

I told her to go get good experienced plumbers! *&^%$#@!!

Or that other one who walked in to ask if we had anything for her to wear/carry that will stop her looking at feng shui things in her house. ???????? I really don't know what she meant - is there someone who is over-enhancing their house with feng shui items or is she seeing more than she should each time she walks into her house? (She is currently pregnant).

Close your eyes baby! Close your eyes!


Lynda said...

People can be downright strange when it comes to Feng Shui, but it's sort of like the whole weight loss issue. Everyone wants a quick fix, but that's just not the way it works. Honestly, if there was a Feng Shui cure for wealth, I certainly would be using it now.

Quenie Fong said...

Dear Lynda,

You can enhance for better wealth etc but u would need to do more than just 1 always sit, stand and sleep facing one of your auspicious directions...and then..find out where your wealth direction is at home and at work....check your animal sign this year...and then if you are having a good year...only then, can u enhance for wealth, making sure that no poison arrows (shar chi) is aimed at you etc etc.....