Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back from Space

Hiya folks! (I don't know how many more of my friends are still coming in here, considering that I have not written anything for almost 3 months!!! I am sure many have given up checking in here for updates!)

Recently I found out that quite a few of my friends and acquaintances have been dropping by to have a read, most of them via my good friend, Patrick Teoh's link. So, I made it a point to refresh my blog tonight or I'd be given up for dead.

Yes, I have been busy. Busy moving, cleaning, unpacking, displaying and selling. I've moved into a premium shop space from the mice-infested kiosk where I started my business 2 years ago. I must say it took a helluva lot of hard work, feng shui AND prayers to get to where I am now.

Tonight, I write yet another feng shui story. A true story. Another 'I've hit rock bottom and decided to give it one last attempt to improve my life using feng shui'

This is my own story......

A few years ago, life got so tough that it was a challenge to even pay for necessities like petrol for the car, repayment of installments and even food for the table. I am not ashamed to say that one day, I woke up from a 40 year old luxurious dream world. One that had a small family living in a humongous luxury bungalow that looked like it was taken straight out of an interior designers' magazine. One which had 5 bathrooms for 4 people, 4 cars for 4 drivers, a better stocked bar than some hotels, landscaped gardens, two waterfalls, 3 maids and where black granite floors were so polished that it reflected the knickers of silly mini-skirted girls. That life included birthday presents of BMWs on 2 consecutive years, a gift of a TWO pieces of prime land, luxury holidays abroad thrice a year and limitless shopping sprees as long as I could walk!

Who says that money can't buy everything? Whoever coined up that phrase couldn't have been very well-endowed (Tsk tsk! I meant - endowed with $$, NOT boobs!). Be realistic! Money CAN and DO buy a heck of a lot. Take for example - If I am fat and rich. I can PAY to make myself slimmer. If I am rich and old or rich and pock-faced, I CAN have enough of designer facials, skin treatments and heck, even plastic surgery to obtain a lovely complexion that is wrinkle-free. If I am ugly but rich, I CAN make myself appear beautiful! (Think: Nina Wang) The smell of luxury CAN get you almost anywhere. Trust me. If I am rich and eccentric, there will always be hoards of people who are waiting to get to know me. And the ultimate would be if I am filthy rich AND beautiful, there will always be enough of homosapiens who will be more than willing to bend over double to accommodate me.

Believe me when I say that living down is real and very very much harder to do than to live it up. And yes, it is true that when you laugh, the whole world laughs with you and when you cry, you cry alone....(...and all that jazz)

Things got so hard that I even had to turn down invites to coffee (In case I was expected to shout for the bill) and I had to turn down dinners (As I could not afford to 'bring a bottle'). All my friends can attest to that. I know that not accepting invites is no big deal but I am only using these examples here as a description of how bad things were for me.

As fate would have it, I happened to have signed-up and paid for a course in feng shui (Been self-studying for donkey years before that), and later, I took another and another and yet another advanced course. Using my acquired knowledge, I corrected my own feng shui, balanced out my living and working environment and improved my networking skills. In just three and a half years, challenges got smaller and smaller and things began to turn around.....not only for my husband and I but the lives of my sons got better and better too - and they don't even live with me!!

One thing led to another and as I became more and more knowledgeable, my life became better and better and yes, the good life that seemed like history for me now looks like the beginning of an even better future!

I applied all the advanced feng shui taught to me by my master to improve my life and my home. I paid careful attention to details when I set up my shop; and designed many ways to manifest my business luck. I activated all the auspicious flying stars in my home and shop and suppressed all the afflictions which resulted in a ten-fold increase in retail sales and even generated a waiting list for consultations!!!

I did everything personally. I displayed my merchandise in all the correct places. Every single detail of my shop was taken into account. I even hand-made invitations to my opening ceremony - this brought on enthusiastic energy thick with goals, targets and ambition. I hired a good lion dance troupe and even designed their choreography for them. I bought Mandarin oranges from 3 rich countries - USA, China and Argentina and had the lion dance roll these oranges into my shop to symbolise 'Gold rolling-in to my shop'. I invited my good friend, the Crown Princess to officiate at the event in order to activate 'Wong Hei' (Royal energy); and also had a representative of my parent company present to bring on 'Seng Kong Chi' (Success luck). I invited all of my VIP friends to lend my shop 'Choy Hei' (Prosperity energy) and most importantly, chose a Sunday for the event so that the mall where my shop is located, will be chock-a-block full of people to give my new premises that much needed and all-important 'Yan Hei' (Mankind Luck) and 'Yeong Hei' (Yang Energy). Refreshments were deliberately oversubscribed to signify abundance.

I activated the Wealth Spot in my shop with water and magnified my Popularity and Relationship area with huge slabs of natural crystals and business took off and blossomed!!

Therefore, whenever you come in here and see that I have not updated my blog, it doesn't mean that I have wilted means that business has continued to be so good that I have no time to write :)


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patrickteoh said...

Oi! Update the blog la. I've taken your link off temporarily. Until you update la.